Husky House

Only Two More Days….

2010 is almost history and I remember sitting here a year ago summarizing 2009 like it was yesterday.  We had a great year, especially the summer, which we spent going back and forth to Denali Park, spending a total of 21 blissful days hiking, biking, running and eating at out favorite pizza place.   I’m looking forward to that again in 2011.

The boys enjoyed Christmas, especially ET who opened all the boys’ presents and destroyed each one within 60 seconds.  Poor Clem took refuge on a sofa away from ET’s frenzy.  Pelly and Dawson were relatively new to the present unwrapping, but enjoyed the toys while they could keep them away from ET.   About 3:30 the next morning , ET woke me up, supposedly to go outside, but when I opened the bedroom door, he ran downstairs and went to the Christmas tree looking for more presents.   Who says dogs aren’t smart?

Pelly was the only one that wanted this toy!

I look so silly in this, Mom....

We are out of the deep freeze we had for most of December, with yesterday’s and today’s temperatures holding around zero.  Since there was no inversion and the temperature was the same here and at the University, we took the boys to the University for a run for the first time in over a month.  It was good to run there again, and the boys like it, especially running past the reindeer!

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