Husky House

Heat Wave….

Remember the 1960s song Heat Wave by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas?  Well, it’s been going through my brain all day today.  It’s about 20 degrees ABOVE on the Ridge today, this after a December that boasted the longest cold streak in Fairbanks in over 30 years, which ended Thursday when the temperature at the airport rose above zero for the first time since December 4.  The temperature during this period ranged between 20 and 41 below (at the airport, the official station)  but lower in outlying areas, and higher in the hills when there was an inversion.  According to the News-Miner, ” ‘By Fairbanks standards, it was pretty darn wimpy…there was not really any deep cold.  It was just persistently chilly.’ ”  Regardless of what you call it, I am enjoying our slight reprieve from the cold and thoroughly enjoyed my run with Pelly today. ET has a sore paw and stayed home to convalesce, and Bill ran with Clem and Dawson.  It is a great start to the new year!

The boys, or at least a couple of them, are still in the Christmas package opening/destruction mode.  In the past couple days they have destroyed two pairs of 180s (earmuffs),  devoured a bag of biscotti and were starting on the second one when we caught them,  stolen their toys off the dryer, and various other obnoxious (but cute) behaviors.

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