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Skiing a New Trail

With freshly waxed skis in tow, we headed out yesterday to ski a new trail.  We didn’t know anything about the trail, except where it was, so we left the boys home so we could scout it to see if it was fitting for them and us together (skijoring).  I am not good at picking the best kick wax for conditions, and yesterday was no exception. That is why I liked my skate skis without wax, I could manage to push my way through all conditions.  We choose the Madshus backcountry touring skis, which considering the wrong kick wax, worked as good as anything.  The trail was a mushing trail and despite the November ice storm and relative lack of snow, was hard packed but in great condition.  In retrospect, I think we should have taken the trail to the immediate right, but we stayed on the main trail, which paralleled the Parks Highway and went up and down, but mostly up on the outbound, and for the most part, stayed out of sight of the highway.  I believe where we turned around was opposite the Parks Monument.  I can now say that I have both biked and skied up that long hill.  The terrain was not bad, but without the proper wax, it was a slip and slide (not glide) experience.  It reminded me of kayaking upstream; paddle for all you are worth for what seems like forever, then turn around and ride the current downstream in what seems like only minutes.  Despite that, I enjoyed the afternoon and the trail and I would do it again, hopefully with better grip.  I am undecided  about skijoring the dogs on the trail, there’s a lot of downhill and dogs love to run downhill, and there are no brakes on skis!  It was a beautiful day, and after skiing, we drove out to the Parks Monument to view Mt McKinley at sunset.

Bill skiing on the new trail

One of the few relatively flat sections of the trail as it follows along the Parks Highway

Mt McKinley at sunset from the Parks Monument

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