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Skiing at Last!

Today I finally rounded up all my gear (really had to hunt for the boots) and went skiing at Creamer’s Field solo, just me, no boys.  I always need at least one solo outing before hooking up the boys.  I decided to use Bill’s skate skis instead of mine, since his had not been used since they were waxed several years ago and mine are in dire need of waxing.  We have about 4 inches of new powder on the trails on top of crud from the warm weather earlier in the week.  I was excited to be out and ready to skate!   However, my first few attempts at gliding told me this was going to be a workout, the skis had NO glide.  About half way around the front field I saw a skier and a skijorer going the opposite direction on a parallel trail in the woods and decided to follow in their tracks.  It was so much easier than breaking trail, and I think I had finally abraded  enough of the accumulated grime from the skis that I started to get some glide and even  managed to skate a bit, not pretty, but functional.  All the skis are  in the back of the Jeep to take to get cleaned and waxed before my next go.   Despite that, I had a great time, thoroughly enjoyed the solitude and beauty of winter and can’t wait to ski again.

ET update:   ET is much better, the Rimadyl and antibiotics are doing their job on his broken toenail and he is no longer limping. He was prancing with his tail high on his walk this morning  and playing with the other boys.  It’s so good to see him back to normal.

Skijor signs at Creamer's Field

Trail through the woods at Creamer's Field

Snow covered bridge at Creamer's Field

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