Husky House

Running at UAF

It was a beautiful day today, so we ran at the University for the first time in a long while.  During most of the winter we run at home because it is usually warmer at the higher elevations.  It was good to be  back at UAF and good to feel like winter may be on the way out.  However, I long ago gave up allowing myself to be mislead by nice weather in March, especially early March, and I still have skijoring and snowmachining to do before winter is over.

Bill, Clem and Dawson running at UAF on a beautiful March day

ET and Pelly surveying trail damage at UAF from last week's high winds

Ice sculpture of Nanook, UAF mascot, at UAF

Nanook reflecting the sun

Nanook up close

It's impossible, but we always have to try to get all the boys looking in the same direction

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