Husky House

Happy Place

After getting caught in rain showers and hail while running at UAF yesterday, I went to Creamer’s Field to watch the migratory waterfowl.  In the spring, this is my happy place, as I am elated to see the spring migration unfold.  I love listening to the cacophonous sounds overhead as the geese, sandhill cranes, swans, etc fly over our house.  A couple Trumpeter swans landed while I was there, but they were too far away to photograph.  Although the fall migration is by far the more aesthetically pleasing of the migrations, I am not happy to see the fowl depart as it signals the coming of winter.

Canada geese in the front viewing field at Creamer's

This Sandhill crane was really strutting his stuff; I only say four of them, and they flew off shortly after I took these photos

This silly guy was really trying to impress his mate, when he jumped, he went so high he jumped right out of the frame

These two white fronted geese were the only two I saw at Creamer's Field

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