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Is it Spring Yet?

Apart from the calendar denoting it is spring, Fairbanks has definite harbingers that tell us our long winter may soon be over.  Despite a massive snow storm that moved across the state yesterday, I have been methodically checking off the signs of spring on my list, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter every day!

Spring Check List

√  The dogs start shedding uncontrollably

√  DOT begins removing snow berms from alongside roads (early March)

√  Denali spring road opening begins (16 Mar)

√   First groundhog appears at Creamer’s Field (23 Mar)

√   Breakup starts:  snow to ice to mud to dust

√   Creamer’s Field is plowed and seeded in preparation for arrival of geese and other migratory avians (last weekend)

√   Snow buntings arrive on their way north (2 Apr)

√   Tour busses start driver training around town (5 Apr)

√   First reindeer calf born at UAF (5 Apr)

√   First geese arrive at Creamer’s Field (7 Apr)

Ice goes out on the Tanana River (Nenana Ice Classic) (????)

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