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Just another day in paradise

Back in Denali, where yesterday I biked the Park Road from the visitors center to Savage River and back.  I remember the first time I biked this section of the road, I thought the first hill would never end!  I am now much better prepared physically and mentally for this seven mile uphill peddle.  I don’t need to keep asking myself, “Will this hill ever end?” as I know exactly where the top is.  The first 15 miles of the Park Road are paved, so compared to the gravel road beyond (west) of Savage River this is a smooth ride.  Of course, since the first seven miles are uphill, the last seven are a nice long, relaxing downhill!  Considering the bear encounters on our RT ride from Teklanika to Polychrome several weeks ago, I felt much safer on this stretch of road.  Oh, I still need to write up that adventure.

Savage River

Along the Park Road

Lupine along the Park Road

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