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An Offer We Couldn’t Refuse

Several weeks ago a friend of ours (Kelvin) tempted us with a stateroom on the MV Misty Fjord for a five day cruise and kayak around the Misty Fjords National Monument in the Tongass National Forest by Ketchikan.  We talked with Kelvin on Friday, and on Saturday we arranged air travel to Ketchikan, kennel reservations for the boys, and hotel reservations in Ketchikan on either end of the cruise.  It was amazing that we could coordinate these arrangements on such short notice, while Kelvin pulled together the logistics ( kayaks, coordinating with the Captain, etc) on the Ketchikan end.  On Tuesday morning (Aug 2) we departed for Ketchikan to catch the cruise which was scheduled to depart the following day.  The only time we had been in Ketchikan was in June 1991, when our Alaska Marine Highway ferry docked for an hour or so.  The only things I remembered about Ketchikan were the rain, the totem pole park and having a drink in a bar somewhere.  Travel to Southeast Alaska is either by air or water, there are no roads connecting it to the rest of the state.  We have basically avoided traveling to the southeast because of the travel logistics and the rain.

Alaska Air is the only commercial carrier servicing Ketchikan, and there are two routings; one though Seattle and the other a milk run through Southeast Alaska.  We wanted to use miles and the only approved routing for a mileage award was the milk run.  So off we went: Fairbanks, Anchorage, Juneau, Petersburg, Wrangell and finally Ketchikan; it was eight hours,  but flying in Alaska is beautiful. It is 40 minutes from Fairbanks to Anchorage (change planes), 123 minutes from Anchorage to Juneau, 25 minutes from Juneau to Petersburg, 10 minutes from Petersburg to Wrangell and 23 minutes from Wrangell to Ketchikan.  From Anchorage to Juneau we flew at 34,000 feet, Juneau to Petersburg at 20,000 feet, Petersburg to Wrangell at a lofty 5,000 feet and Wrangell to Ketchikan we flew at 18,00 feet.  We had incredible weather both ways, and the panorama was well worth the time, even though it was spent mostly on the ground turning the 737-400 at small airports.

We had an awesome trip with incredible weather and enjoyed Ketchikan, the cruise, kayaking and ziplining.  More on all this in upcoming blogs.

On final approach into Ketchikan

The Wrangell airport terminal

Taking off from Wrangell

The airport terminal at Petersburg

Taking off from Petersburg

Mts McKinley and Foraker

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