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Fat Biking

Last year when I was out skiing on the Tanana River, a couple people on fat tire bikes passed me, immediately planting the seed in my mind that this is something I had to do.  The thought of peddling on the frozen, snow packed river was intoxicating.  Peddling would be a quiet alternative to snowmachining and a faster one to skiing, yet while I couldn’t travel as far as I could on a snowmachine, I could go farther than on skis, a happy compromise.  I love to ski, and especially enjoy skijoring with our Siberian huskies, but not only do I hate to wax skis, I am terrible at  selecting the right wax for conditions and more likely than not wind up flailing around with little or no traction. Waxing skis is a science that I have not mastered; binders, this wax first, then a little of that wax.  Anyway, as soon as spring arrived, I was back out on the road with my hybrid bike and had all but forgotten about the fat bike since winter was a couple months away, and who wants to think about snow in the summer…certainly not me!

Late November I went to Goldstream Sports, and there she was, the most beautiful fat bike I’d ever laid eyes on, a lime green 9-zero-7.  She was a bit pricey, so once again, I pushed the idea to the back of my mind, although I was already in biking withdrawal.  Biking year around has intrigued me, but I have to admit that despite enjoying other winter activities that require me to dress properly, I have not hit on the right combination of footwear to keep my feet warm on my bike once the weather starts to cool off, so the bike gets parked for the winter.  Christmas was coming, but would I have the audacity to put the 9-zero-7 on my list, had I been a good enough girl to ask for such a gift?

Shortly thereafter, Bill, my husband, wandered into Goldstream Sports and saw the fat bikes.  He came home with the news about the new fat tire bikes that are great for riding in the snow, so now that he also had the seed planted all I had to do was nurture it.   In January we test drove the bikes and a week later took them home.  My bike had been named Sweet Pea by an employee who owned her but was selling her because she didn’t have the time to ride. Sweet Pea is a fitting name, as she is a sweet ride.

The weather was a bit chilly in January, anywhere from 20 to 40 below, and after a few days grumbling about not being able to ride because it was cold, we bundled up and went out for a ride.  I have run and skied in the deep cold and know how to appropriately dress for those activities, but winter biking was new for me and I quickly discovered that I had overdressed.  I now have the solution and am quite comfortable except for my feet in extreme cold, and I know I will come upon the ultimate combination of layers as I continue to experiment.   I also quickly learned that proper tire inflation for the terrain correlates directly to how much effort you expend and therefore how much fun you have.  I now have a new winter activity that competes with running, skiing and snowmachining, and unfortunately the boys.  But I make sure the boys get their run at least every other day.

Fat biking is an incredibly fun activity, and with the proper tire inflation, Sweet Pea almost floats over the trails.


Heading out for a ride in the Goldstream Valley

This great trail runs through the woods alongside Sheep Creek

Documentation time, yes, this is Bill on his fat bike.

It was such an incredible day to be out on the trails

Happy day! Almost 4:30p and it is still light!



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