Husky House

Clemmie: Jul 4 1999 – Jun 21 2012


It has been a sad week at HuskyHouse; on June 21 we lost our beautiful Clemmie to metastatic prostate cancer.  In February 2001 we adopted Clemmie from Animal Control, he had been a three-time loser that was in the both Anchorage and Fairbanks lockup within 30 days.  His insatiable love of life and freedom was infectious, we didn’t now his birthday so we set it at July 4th in honor of his quest for independence.  After all, it was that very independent streak that brought him to us. Clemmie fit in perfectly with J Clyde, our “first born” Siberian, and later ET, who was devoted to him.  He doted on the redheads and became “the enforcer.”  Clemmie has now joined Clyde on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, that happy place where all pain is gone, and he is catching him up on our life, ET  and the crazy redheads.  There wasn’t a day that Clemmie didn’t love us unconditionally and show his appreciation for being adopted, and vice versa.  I miss you so much, you sweet boy.  See you on the other side.

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