Husky House

Getting out of Town

Sometime, no matter how much you like a place, you need to get away; especially after a long, cold, dark winter.  My sister conveniently lives in Gig Harbor WA, just South of Seattle, and April is a great time to visit her.  I was full of  hope for sunshine and warmth to soothe my aching psyche after the long winter, but that was not to be.  The beautiful 60 degree days that gifted the area the week before we arrived turned to grey, cool and rainy the day we arrived and stayed the entire week.  Weather is a relative thing, and it turned out better than Fairbanks where it snowed seven inches while we were away.

Despite the weather–a little liquid snow didn’t stop us–we had a fantastic time.  My sister and her husband are gracious hosts, and go all out to ensure we have everything we could possibly want.  They really don’t have to do that, how much better can it get than family, a clean house, no dog hair and food on demand?  I always feel at least somewhat guilty for having my sister run me all over the place, but….

There are malls everywhere in the SeaTac area, my sister knows all of them, and we visited a couple.  Furniture shopping, fine dining, running in shorts, the weekend in Seattle, zip lining and “The Jersey Boys,” were several other highlights.


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