Husky House

About Us

Our activities mostly revolve our huskies and they make Alaska a fun place to live and play.  They help make winter bearable.  I honestly don’t think we’d still live here if it weren’t for them, although we have interests beyond their participation, such as kayaking, bicycling, hiking and snowmachining.

In the winter, we run and skijor with the boys, and it is a blast; they love the snow and are 20-below kind of dogs. They are such a beautiful sight and so full of wild abandon when they skijor.  They know and follow commands when they are not distracted, otherwise you better hold on for a wild ride of their choosing!

Susan, Bill and the 4 Huskies

Susan, Bill and the 4 Huskies

Skijoring with the reds on the Tanana River

While the huskies thrive on the winter scene with running and skijoring, they pretty much just tolerate the summer.

Snowmachining is fun, and allows us to travel to places we could not normally go, such as on frozen rivers and into normally unreachable terrain.

Snowmaching with friends on the Nenana River along the Denali Highway out of Cantwell

Denali National Park is perhaps our favorite place, it is a virtual playland for the outdoor enthusiast.   We love to run, hike, bike and just sit and meditate in the park.

Bill hiking up Primrose Ridge in Denali

Bill biking along the Park Road just east of Teklanika

Watch out for this guy; you are not at the top of the food chain!

Alaska offers some awesome sea kayaking, unfortunately it is not close to Fairbanks.  Among our favorite places to sea kayak are Seward, Homer and Cordova, and there are many we have not yet visited.  Of these, my favorite is Seward for a variety of reasons:  accessibility, convenience, beauty, Exit Glacier, biking and Seward itself.  From Seward we kayaked Aialik Bay and Humpy Cove, and I hope to return and kayak Northwest Glacier.

Bill in front of Aialik Glacier

The view from our yurt on Orca Island by Humpy Cove