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The Road Less Traveled

I think I have taken that road less traveled most of my life; I prefer things that are off the beaten path and perhaps that is why I live in Alaska.  For me taking the road less traveled means two things:  first, in the most literal sense of taking one road when most people take the other, and second, in traveling that road by a lesser taken method.  For example, Triple Lakes Trail is the road less traveled because most visitors to Denali usually have time only to ride the bus into the park or to hike one of the short trails at the park entrance.  Second, while most visitors to Denali ride the bus into the park, I prefer to ride my bicycle.  I may not cover as much ground, but I savor every bit of it and become enveloped by it, breathing its scents, feeling its rhythm and stopping when I want.

My husband and I spend as much time as we can in Denali during our short summer, balancing our fun with summer chores and being with the boys (our four Siberian huskies).  We take the boys to the park for day trips, but if we stay overnight they must be boarded.  Out latest trip to Denali was last week, we hiked Triple Lakes Tail and biked a bit.  We had hoped to bike from Savage River to Teklanika and back, but ran out of time, managing only a couple relatively short bikes.  Despite forecasts for rainy weather, we never saw a drop!

The park rangers continue to improve the Triple Lakes Trail, there were about 20 of them working on three or four different parts of the trail, and pretty soon you won’t have to bushwhack across the ridge.  After carrying my Canon 7D over the eight miles last time I hiked the trail, I decided to buy a Canon S95 and give it a test.  I think the pictures are just as good, if not better in certain lighting (by eliminating the “me” factor), and it fit in my pocket where the DSLR is annoying to carry over that distance.  But I definitely missed the quick DSLR response and recovery, as well as the more powerful telephoto lens.

Here are a few photos, the rest are in my Triple Lakes and Denali galleries.

Bill contemplating floating an inflatable kayak down Riley Creek

The road less traveled

A view of two of the lakes from near the top of the trail

Fireweed along the park road

I was riding my bike around mile 15 of the park road when this guy came trotting down the center of the road

Just another beautiful day in paradise!

Road Trip

A couple peach smoothies, junk food, four Siberian huskies, and a drive to Denali Park, what a great day!  Yesterday we drove to Denali just to run in the Park with the boys.  In another week the shuttle buses will begin running for the summer, traffic and people will increase exponentially and the Park Road will be closed to private vehicles west of the Savage River bridge.  On the bright side, the ice cream place will be open!

Despite the incessant wind, it was a beautiful day; blue sky, snow covered mountains, Mt  McKinley visible behind a haze, and the boys and us sharing our favorite place.  Even though they ride everywhere with us around Fairbanks, the boys don’t go on very many road trips.  Being older, Clem and ET have been on enough trips that they settle down quickly, unless there is food around, however, the redheads are relative novices.  This was their third trip to Denali in as many weeks, and each week has shown improvement in their willingness to settle down for the ride.  I can actually say that yesterday I came home less stressed than when I left, which was not the case the previous two trips with them.  Pelly still prefers to ride with his head in my shoulder or in my lap (not  good idea when I am driving!), but he no longer insists on sitting on the center console all the way.  His constant vigilance has earned him the nickname “Curious George.”

We had a great run, and now the truth comes out.  After running we headed to Prospector Pizza (opened for the season last Friday) for a pizza and an Alaskan Summer Ale!

One of the few photos I took, if I could download my memory there would be a beautiful kaleidoscope to share

Some caribou grazing by Savage River