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Birthday Boy

Clem turned 12 on July 4th.  Since he is an adoptee, we don’t know his real birthday or age, but he was estimated to be 1 1/2 when we adopted him, so we assigned him Independence Day as his day!  Clem is a great boy, and it is still a mystery why someone didn’t want him.  Or maybe he didn’t want them?  Happy Birthday Clem, and here’s to continued good health my dear boy!!

A man and his dog: celebrating Clem's 12th birthday

Running with Clem

It is snowing!  At last some fresh snow!  But despite warnings of up to six inches of snow, we will probably be lucky to get a couple inches.  Why is all the snow going to the Lower 48?

I always enjoy running in the snow, but the only boy that wanted to run with me today was Clem, so off we went.  Clem is the best runner of the pack, and he is always up for it; he may be 11, but don’t tell him that.  When I get the harnesses out before we run, Clem is the only one that comes up to me and is ready to get dressed, I have to chase the others or bribe them with salmon jerky.

Our Clemmie, he is so precious

Clemmie checking out a scent

He is so handsome

Clem is a real prancer when he runs

Looking down the road