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A Cessna 180, a Camera and Ice Cream

I enjoy doing totally decadent off-the-wall things and yesterday I did just that.  Our down-the-hill neighbor, Don, is a snowbird, except he lives in Ft Lauderdale and flies his Cessna 180 to Fairbanks every summer.  I call him and his wife migrants, because they come with the birds and leave with the birds.  Don is very generous and Bill flies with him all the time; for Bill and Don, being airborne is the destination, it doesn’t matter where they go.  I need a destination and a purpose.  Don knows I love Denali, and with the autumn colors bursting forth across the landscape, he offered to fly us to Denali so I could take some photos.  I didn’t have to think twice about that, I was ready to go!   Besides, I’d been harboring the urge for a mint chocolate chip waffle cone for weeks, and here was the opportunity to fly to Denali and satisfy that craving.  I was ready in a virtual heartbeat.  It was a beautiful day, the flight was smooth, the foliage awesome and the ice cream satisfying.  Of course, in Alaska, where the airplane is just an extension of the automobile, this isn’t decadent; it’s just another day.

Climbing out of Denali Park heading home to Fairbanks


More photos of flying to Denali