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Hatcher Pass

Rainy days are good for something, like processing photos. In mid-July, on our way to the Fireweed bicycle race along the Glenn Hwy, we drove over Hatcher Pass, instead of continuing on the Parks Hwy, to avoid the traffic associated with driving through the Willow-Houston-Wasilla corridor. While the “short cut” took more time, it was traffic-free, incredibly stunning and well worth it. Next time, I want to hike and enjoy the scenery. But, for some reason, we are always in a rush.

I think it was around Parks Hwy mile 290 (just below the seemingly never-ending summer road construction in that area) where we turned onto the Fishhook-Willow Road to begin the 49-mile trek over Hatcher Pass, which traverses through the Talkeetna Mountains between Willow on the Parks Hwy and Palmer on the Glenn Hwy.  Like similar roads of this nature (Taylor Hwy, Denali Hwy) the road over Hatcher Pass is not maintained in the winter, beyond about 10-mile (the Independence Mine) from the Palmer side, and opens to traffic over the pass around July 4.

The photographer and hiker in me would like to explore this area more, and hopefully we will luck out and  have another beautiful day.

There’s gold “in them thar hills,” so it is probably in this creek, too. We saw a few signs warning people that claims were staked.

The sign on this bridge warns us not to pan for gold here.

Hatcher Pass is a paragliding and hang gliding playground as it is above tree line and there are limitless places to launch...almost always with an audience.

It is simply beautiful and worth the "detour."

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