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A Trip to Civilization

In early December we went Outside  (outside of Alaska) to visit my sister in the Seattle area.  It is always nice to visit my sister and spend some time in civilization.  Of course, the definition of “civilization” differs for most people, for me it is virtually any place other than Fairbanks, where there are stores other than Fred Meyers, WallMart or Sears and there are decent restaurants.  Anchorage just barely qualifies, but Seattle is perfect; lots of Malls with a Nordstrom  in every one and awesome places to eat, plus a compact and diverse downtown and, of course, Pikes Place Market.  What is not to like…oh, yes, with civilization comes lots of people and traffic.  But I can handle that for a few days to partake of the benefits.

A little bit of civilization

It is so nice to see a store that is tastefully decorated, and of course has lots of goods to offer

A build your own yogurt place!

The Nirvana of civilization; an Apple store!

Costco, a place to buy large quantities of things you don't need

Mt Rainier, a peaceful view away from the hustle and bustle of civilization