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Open North American Sprint Races

On Sunday I went to the third and final day of the sprint races, first at the starting line downtown and then at Creamer’s Field to watch the teams as they exit the trails and head back to town.  The weather was perfect for viewing, and I basked in the sun as I waited for the first team to emerge from the woods.  This is a great race for spectators as there are many good viewing points and it is over in one to two hours.   You can read  more about the race here.

Mushers prepare for the start of the Open North American on Second Street in downtown Fairbanks

Is it race time yet?

The fur auction on Second Street is part of the weekend festivities for the ONA

A musher leaves the starting line of the ONA in downtown Fairbanks

A musher leaves the woods at Creamer's Field headed for the downtown finish of the ONA