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A Run in the Park

July 9th was a beautiful day  so we took the boys to Denali for a run.  These runs are special, something the whole family enjoys as opposed to the usual runs around home. It was sunny, warm and perfect; Utopian.  The boys enjoyed the attention from people who visited with them and photographed them, and of course, we enjoyed showing them off.

Magnificent Mt McKinley, a feast for the eyes

Me running with ET and Pelly

Bill running with Clem and Dawson

Bill with Clem, Pelly, Dawson and ET at the Mountain Vista trailhead

Bill showing off the boys for admiring fans

Running in Denali

On Sunday I had an irresistible urge to run with the boys in Denali.  This is always one of those things where, after about 15 minutes on the road with the redheads going crazy fighting for a front row seat, we look at each other and ask “whose idea was this?”  I drove down, figuring Bill could handle dog control duties, and knowing (or at least hoping) that they would be calmer by the return trip.  “They” refers to the redheads, Clem and ET always settle quickly.  When we left Fairbanks it was sunny, but as we approached Denali clouds were rolling in, and by the time we started running it was snowing and blowing.  But any day in the park is a good day.  Road crews had started spring road opening on March 16, and by March 21 the Park Road was open to the public to the Mountain Vista trailhead at mile 13.  We parked by the trailhead and ran to the Savage River checkpoint at mile 15.  Although there were a couple cars parked by the trailhead, once we started running behind the barricade, we didn’t see another person, the park was ours.  It was so good to be back in the park after a long winter away, and I could feel myself beginning to revitalize.  We saw and heard a lot of ptarmigan and there was wolf scat on the road around mile 13.5, all of which had the boys in overdrive.

We started running from where the road was closed at the Savage River campground

Looking toward the park entrance from west of the Savage River checkpoint at mile 15. The truck brought in some of the heavy equipment used to clear the road.

The McKinley Chalet boarded up for the winter, there is nothing open in the park during winter.

Pelly (aka Curious George) on duty, he takes this responsibility very seriously.

More photos coming to the gallery soon!

Running at UAF

It was a beautiful day today, so we ran at the University for the first time in a long while.  During most of the winter we run at home because it is usually warmer at the higher elevations.  It was good to be  back at UAF and good to feel like winter may be on the way out.  However, I long ago gave up allowing myself to be mislead by nice weather in March, especially early March, and I still have skijoring and snowmachining to do before winter is over.

Bill, Clem and Dawson running at UAF on a beautiful March day

ET and Pelly surveying trail damage at UAF from last week's high winds

Ice sculpture of Nanook, UAF mascot, at UAF

Nanook reflecting the sun

Nanook up close

It's impossible, but we always have to try to get all the boys looking in the same direction

Running with Clem

It is snowing!  At last some fresh snow!  But despite warnings of up to six inches of snow, we will probably be lucky to get a couple inches.  Why is all the snow going to the Lower 48?

I always enjoy running in the snow, but the only boy that wanted to run with me today was Clem, so off we went.  Clem is the best runner of the pack, and he is always up for it; he may be 11, but don’t tell him that.  When I get the harnesses out before we run, Clem is the only one that comes up to me and is ready to get dressed, I have to chase the others or bribe them with salmon jerky.

Our Clemmie, he is so precious

Clemmie checking out a scent

He is so handsome

Clem is a real prancer when he runs

Looking down the road