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Winter is here….

Actually, winter has been here for a while; I think it is officially winter when the first significant snowfall stays on the ground. Daylight savings time is gone for another year. In Alaska it doesn’t matter whether we are on standard time or daylight savings time; summer is light and winter is mostly dark. I am glad I don’t live in Barrow where the sun doesn’t rise for two months.

I am happy when it snows, because winter can seem way longer than it is when there is not enough snow to ski or snowmachine, and I love running with the dogs because they are so happy when there is snow between their toes. They (not me) would rather it be 20 below than 20 above.

Just Clemmie and me out for a run in the snow

Bill with Pelly, Clem and Dawson on their morning constitutional on a snowy day

Out for a run with Dawson and Pelly

ET helping me do the dishes, he is very good at this

Pelly & Dawson with their Gatorade

Nothing gets the boys attention better than a cookie