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Continuing with my recreation of lost posts….

Since the Yukon Quest starts February 5 in Whitehorse, Yukon, it is a good choice for today’s recreation.  This 1000-mile sled dog race is Alaska’s “other” race, the Iditarod being the more well known sled dog race.  In odd years the Quest starts in Whitehorse and finishes in Fairbanks and in even years it starts in Fairbanks and finishes in Whitehorse.  On Saturday, 25 hard core mushers will harness their 14 huskies in Whitehorse and begin the arduous and often dangerous 9-16 day trek to Fairbanks.  Overflow ice, jumble ice, moose, and severe cold are just a few of the natural dangers along the trail.  Then there are the self imposed dangers such as sleep deprivation and inadequate planning.  There are mechanical dangers associated with the sled or other equipment.  There are the unknowns of running in the darkness, losing the trail.  And most important, there’s dog care.  The dogs come first, the mushers feed and care for the dogs before themselves, no matter how cold or tired they are.  There are no hotels along the way, although there are shelter and food at the checkpoints.  The trail crosses four mountain ranges and passes through isolated and beautiful country, often with the northern lights dancing overhead.

Pelly and Dawson, two of our Siberian huskies, are named after Quest checkpoints, Pelly Crossing and Dawson City.  We are proud sponsors of the Yukon Quest.

2010 Yukon Quest start in Fairbanks

Rookie Abbie West on her way to Whitehorse, she placed 9th.

Four-time Yukon Quest and Iditarod champion Lance Mackey greets fans as he begins his trek to Whithorse (2010)

Eventual third place finisher Hugh Neff wearing the Husky House bib (Fairbanks 2010)

Husky House banner in Fairbanks (2009)

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