Husky House

It’s Been Three Years!

It was three years ago today that we brought home the redheads, Pelly and Dawson. I have threatened countless times to open the door and point them south toward Wasilla, where they came from, and probably will continue to do so, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Clemmie loves to play with them and takes his role as enforcer seriously. Although it took ET (my canine soulmate) over a year to accommodate to them, he now plays with them and he and Pelly instigate daily singing sessions. I could do with a lot less hair in the house and Jeep, but the six of us are a very happy family!

Bill and the reds a couple days after we brought them home

Bill with Dawson & Pelly (almost three months old)

Pelly (Sept 2011)

Dawson (Sept 2011)

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